Complete Health Packages

City Beach Veterinarians is committed to making it easy for you to look after all of your pet’s needs. All routine pet health needs are posted to you monthly for free! All you need to do is open your mail and use the items enclosed.

Each Complete Health package includes:

  • Flea Control – Monthly or, if using Bravecto every three to six months
  • Intestinal worming medication
  • Heartworm Prevention
  • Annual check up and vaccinations

You save 5% off the price you would normally pay for these products and services. Our most popular Complete Health package is with Bravecto AND you save 10% instead of 5%!

In addition there are extra rewards for being a Complete Health member. These extras are completely free and include:

  • $20 discount off every primary consultation
  • Unlimited free nail clipping
  • Pet food discount vouchers
  • Microchipping discount (transferable to other friends or family)

Complete Health means peace of mind