Cat Vaccinations Perth

Cat vaccinations are extremely important to ensure your beloved pet is kept protected from disease while also safeguarding their health and wellbeing. The vaccine regime is a bit more complex in cats than dogs. What vaccines are used is based on the lifestyle of your cat and their age. For instance, if your cat is an indoor cat than we would only recommend the core vaccines as the risk of getting lethal diseases (Feline Leukaemia Virus and Feline Immunodeficiency virus infections) are virtually eliminated (unless they were exposed before they were isolated). 

At City Beach Veterinarians, we advise that every cat be vaccinated regardless of their age, breed, habitat, or environment and therefore we provide cat vaccinations at our Perth vet practice. Vaccinations are part of our Complete Health Packages. The Complete Health package means your pets vaccination and parasite control are looked after and saves you money. 

What vaccinations does my cat require?

To determine the appropriate cat vaccinations that need to be administered, we first discuss your cat’s needs, their lifestyle and then recommendations are made based on this information.  

The various cat vaccinations are listed below: 

Core Vaccine – Cat flu (Herpes and calici virus) and Feline Enteritis. All cats receive these vaccines. Vaccinations are given yearly with kittens receiving 2 doses at approximately 8 and 12 weeks of age.  

The brand used is based on whether they get the following vaccine: 

Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) vaccines are a bit more involved. We recommend these vaccinations if your cat is an outdoor cat as the risk of infection increases from close association, fights, bite wounds or saliva. 

If a cat has never been vaccinated against FeLV and FIV we generally will recommend pre-testing to ensure they are negative. 

Protocol for FeLV and FIV vaccinations: 

In their first year they are given: 

  • FeLV – 2 doses given 4 weeks apart 
  • FIV 3 doses 2 weeks apart 
  • Subsequent years the FIV an FeLV are given with the core vaccines annually. 

Are there any symptoms I need to look out for post-vaccination?  

Adverse reactions to cat vaccinations are rare. Infrequently we find that a cat may be sore, quiet or feverish for 24 hours post vaccination and this may start within 4 hours post vaccination.  

You may note that your cat is quieter, may be grumpy/react if touched near the vaccination site or be off food. This is not dissimilar to how people behave after their own vaccinations. Generally, no treatment is required but if you are worried then call us and we may recommend a check and may give a cat appropriate pain relief injection.  

How much do cat vaccinations cost?

Please organise an appointment at our vet clinic to make an appointment and we can give you the costs of your cats’ vaccinations. We will discuss the vaccination options that are most appropriate for your cat during the health check that is given at the time of vaccinations.  

Why choose City Beach Veterinarians for cat vaccinations? 

The experienced doctors at City Beach Veterinarians have a wealth of knowledge and experience around cat vaccinations. Our doctors take a well-informed and comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine, taking a holistic approach to your cat’s health needs. Our veterinary clinic is equipped with state-of-the art medical equipment, and with continuing education and research, we ensure we are up to date with the latest in vet medicine. We are also home to a dedicated and fully trained team of nurses who are on hand to assist our vets in the care of your cat. 

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