Dog & Puppy Vaccinations in Perth 

Puppy vaccinations are vitally important in preventing infectious disease amongst dogs. Puppy vaccinations protect both the wellbeing and health of your dog. In Australia, puppies and dogs are given three core vaccinations, which are often referred to as a ‘C3 vaccine,’ including the doses of canine parvovirus, canine adenovirus and canine distemper virus. We also recommend the use of the Canine Cough vaccine. 

At City Beach Veterinarians, we advise that every dog be vaccinated regardless of its age, breed, habitat or environment and therefore provide puppy vaccinations at our Perth vet practice 

What vaccinations does my puppy need?

Your puppy will require vaccinations from an early age. The first vaccination is often given to a puppy at about 6-8 weeks of age. The final vaccination is given at 10 weeks of age as we use an early finish vaccine. This means a week after the final puppy vaccine they are ready for more complete socialisation. An annual checkup and vaccination is advised yearly after that.  

Why choose City Beach Veterinarians for puppy vaccinations? 

With years of veterinary experience, your puppy is in safe hands at our Perth practice. Our doctors take a knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to veterinary medicine, catering to all aspects of your puppy or pet’s health needs. Relying on state-of-the art veterinary medical equipment, our staff are actively involved in continuous education to ensure they are up to date with the latest in vet medicine. To assist our vets, our team of nurses are fully trained and dedicated to their roles, providing you with the peace of mind in knowing that when you rely on City Beach Veterinarians for your puppy vaccinations in Perth, you’ll be more than impressed.  

How much do dog vaccinations cost?

Please give us a call or organise an appointment at our vet clinic to discuss costs involved with your dog’s vaccinations. We will provide you with all the costs for vaccinations upfront during your consultation. 

Are there any symptoms I need to look out for post-vaccination? 

Post vaccination events are rare. Occasionally, they may appear tired, however, this is not usually something to be concerned about. If tiredness persists or if you are worried, please contact our veterinarian team for peace of mind.  

Contact Us for Dog Vaccinations Today

If you’d like more information regarding our puppy vaccinations, or if you’d like to book your dog in for its puppy vaccinations at our Perth practice, please contact our City Beach Veterinarian team today by calling (08) 9245 1977.