Your Local Vet Near Doubleview

Are you looking for a vet who services the Doubleview area?

City Beach Veterinarians have you covered. For over 30 years, our clinic has treated animals with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff. During this time, we have gained expert knowledge regarding how to best treat complicated medical cases as well as general consultations. We believe that our level of experience means we can provide your pet with the best care available.

Veterinary Services We Offer Near Doubleview

We have built our name among Doubleview vets on a passion to look after pets to the highest standards possible. We are able to do this by offering a number of vet services that include:

Although each vet brings a wealth of knowledge to City Beach Veterinarians, our highly experienced veterinarians, Alan and Neville, actively update their knowledge through ongoing education. Our nursing staff are friendly, helpful and trained professionals. They provide all day-to-day care for your pet, ensuring their stay with us is a happy and comfortable time.

We understand the importance of having first-class equipment and facilities readily available. Our surgical, dental and general veterinary equipment is modern and sterile. We are constantly updating our equipment, which allows us to provide the highest level of care to our patients.

Contact Our Vet Clinic Located Near Doubleview

For an experienced and caring vet near Doubleview, look no further than the team at City Beach Veterinarians. We are located just minutes from Doubleview in the beautiful suburb of City Beach. There is ample safe parking outside our entrance within the Ocean Village Shopping Centre.

For more information or to book an appointment at our vet clinic, contact City Beach Veterinarians today on (08) 9245 1977. You can also book online here.

Frequently Asked Questions of a Doubleview Vet

Before visiting our vet clinic near Doubleview, here are a couple of frequently asked questions some customers have had for Doubleview vets prior to making an appointment.

Do I need to make an appointment before visiting your vet clinic near Doubleview?

Yes, we ask that you please book an appointment prior to seeing us. This minimises the waiting time for both you and other clients, not to mention improves the experience for your pet. To make an appointment, book online or call us on (08) 9245 1977 and our friendly staff will schedule a time that best suits you. We will then inform you if we feel a more urgent appointment or longer consultation will be required.

If you have an emergency, please inform the staff and you will be directed to come in straight away.

What are the costs of services at Doubleview vets and surrounding clinics?

Costs for vets in Doubleview and surrounding suburbs can vary greatly depending on what needs to be done to help your pet. We will provide you with an estimated cost once we have examined your pet and discussed the findings with you.

The reason why we cannot provide estimates for vet treatment over the phone is that the cost depends on what we find upon examination of your pet.

However, we can provide costs for routine desexing surgeries, vaccinations, consultations and over the counter products over the phone. Call us on (08) 9245 1977 to learn more.

Find Our Vet Clinic Near Doubleview

If you have been looking for an experienced and caring Doubleview vet, consider City Beach Veterinarians for a standout clinic nearby. Call us now on (08) 9245 1977.

Suites 17-19, Ocean Village Shopping Centre
Kilpa Court, City Beach WA 6015

(08) 9245 1977

If you have been looking for an experienced and caring Doubleview vet, contact City Beach Veterinarians on (08) 9245 1977.


“These guys are awesome. They not only know what their doing but they love animals too. Thanks team”

– Scott Collins


“My dog has been coming to City Beach Vets for the past 6 years and I trust and respect all three vets, who are friendly and knowledgeable. All the vet Nurses are fantastic too, and the dog hydrobaths are great! You can tell the whole team truly love and care about all animals, and put their health and well-being first at all times. Thanks for taking such loving care of my dog, City Beach Team!”

– Sarah Green


“Great service and friendly staff. Have tried all the other vets around this area and they are the best”

– Troy Hogermeer