Hospital Tour

We run a fully equipped hospital. Our hospital has been recently renovated and we now have over 176 square metres dedicated to your pets. You are welcome to visit! The tour here will show you some views of the hospital.

A full radiology and surgery suite, with new modern dental equipment, gas anaesthetic machines with modern patient monitoring equipment and a new autoclave for sterilisation are just some of the features of our practice.

We are constantly assessing our equipment to ensure we can provide the best possible patient care. We have a state-of-the-art video endoscope and a new X-ray machine.

Recently we upgraded our haematology unit to one that is extremely fast and accurate. It gives results as good as those from a specialist laboratory. Shortly (2010) we will be take possession of a new biochemistry machine – it is called a Catalyst and will be the first in the country. The Catalyst is superfast and can run multiple samples at one time.