Lost and Found

As part of our service we keep a record on our intranet of lost and found pets. So call us if you have lost a pet or found someone else’s pet. We are here to help.

Losing a pet is an incredibly distressing experience whilst finding a pet and returning it to their family brings immense joy to all involved.

To reduce the risk of losing your pet make sure all exits from your yard are closed and locked. Your pet should also be identified and we recommend all pets be microchipped. It is now a legal requirement that all Dogs and Cats be microchipped.

What to do if you lose a pet

Call us with the details and we will add this to our records and we will check entries for your pet. You can email these details.

Call all surrounding veterinary practices and local pounds – tell them if your pet has a microchip.

Visit the local pounds as it can be difficult for people to accurately describe animals.

Repeat the calls or visits daily.

Place flyers at local shops.

What to do if you find a pet

Call us with the details and we will list this on our intranet.

If you can safely collect the animal we can check the pet and scan for a microchip.

If you can not collect the pet safely then call the local rangers.

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