Preparing your pet for a day in Hospital


Your pet’s day in surgery
Before your pet is admitted into hospital for an anaesthetic and a procedure or surgery there are a number of things you need to do to prepare your pet.

This leaflet will guide you through the general preparation. At times we may have specific requirements for certain procedures. We will inform you if this is the case.

If you think your pet may require any other preparation then please call us and we will discuss these with you.

A few days before surgery

Observe your pet for any signs of illness or any other changes. If you notice any changes or have any concerns please inform us before surgery.



The day before surgery

For dogs undergoing surgery it is a good idea to bath them prior to the day of surgery. This helps with wound care and after surgery you can not wash your pet until the sutures are removed! We recommend you use Malaseb or Pyohex shampoo.

During the day before surgery treat your pet as normal. They can have their normal evening meal but remove any uneaten food by 8pm. They should be left with access to water overnight.

For cats we suggest that you confine them to one room during the night to ensure they don’t escape and do not have accidental access to food.For dogs ensure no treats are left out and that no bones are left around the yard.

The day of surgery

On the morning of surgery remove your pet’s water bowls. Make sure your pet does not receive any food including treats.

If your veterinarian has prescribed medication for your pet this can generally be given the morning of surgery. If you are unsure please contact us prior to medicating your pet so we can advise you.

Arriving at the hospital

We generally admit pets for surgical, dental, radiological and other procedures between 7.30 and 8.30am. Please call us if this is not suitable.

Ensure your dog is on a secure lead and your cat is in a secure cat basket. This is for everyone’s safety.


Admittance procedure

Our admittance procedure means you will not have to wait long. However we do need to spend some time with you before you leave the hospital. This is so we can collect certain information and confirm that you understand exactly what procedure your pet will be having. The admittance form must be signed to give us permission to proceed.

The Admitting Nurse will obtain a current body weight for your pet and go through a set of questions to gather up-to-date information about your pet. We will ask permission to perform a Pre-Anaesthetic blood test – we recommend this for every anaesthetic.

Contacting you

You will need to provide your contact phone numbers for that day. It is vital that you be contactable during the day so we can keep you informed of your pet’s progress. At times we may need to alter our plans for your pet and any such changes need to be discussed with you.



Discharge time
Most pets will go home mid to late afternoon on the day of surgery. Some cases require overnight hospitalisation though this is not common.

We will call you to arrange a time for the veterinarians to discuss your pet’s progress and plans and arrange a discharge appointment at the conclusion of your pet’s procedure.

At the time of discharge any special requirements will be discussed with you. Any medications or after care will be discussed further at this time.