Puppy Training School in Perth

Puppy Training Classes at City Beach Veterinarians

Over the last 15 years, City Beach Veterinarians have run a very successful and fun puppy training school in Perth’s northern suburbs. Since 2014, we have had the help of Cecile who is a qualified trainer and behaviorist. Cecile is dedicated to continuing her education to ensure that the puppy training methods and behaviour management strategies she uses are up-to-date. Our classes are exceptional and provide the right start for a happy future with your puppy.

Cecile is now running the puppy training in Perth under her business Puppy Associates. The focus of her puppy school is on giving puppies the correct start to life. This is the best time to cement good behavior and where necessary, provide training to correct problems before they become issues. A puppy’s start to life is important, as behavior problems are one of the biggest issues for pets and pet owners in Australia.

To get started on your puppy’s training it’s essential that they have had their first vaccine. We recommend our 4-week puppy school training in Perth for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks and approximately 16 weeks, and the cost of the training is $140.

Puppy Training School Perth – Class Outline:

  • For further information or to enrol your puppy in our Perth puppy training school, Cecile can be contacted on 0435 018 083.
  • Generally, the puppy training will be held on Saturday afternoons or Monday nights. Cecile will inform you of the class times and dates.
  • The maximum number of puppies in our classes is six and where demand increases, additional classes will be held.

To get your pup started on their puppy school training in Perth, print out and complete our Enrolment Form today.

The course content focuses on providing:

  • Anticipatory guidance education of caregivers.
  • Appropriate opportunities for inter and intra specific and environmental socialisation.

Class content includes:

  • Off lead interaction with other pups.
  • Basic compliance behaviours including nose-targeting, sit, drop, puppy recall.
  • Handling and basic husbandry.
  • Appropriate puppy-caregiver play.
  • Information on puppy rearing issues.
  • Provision of relevant handouts and course certificates.

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Every dog owner should experience the benefits of having a well-trained puppy. If you would like to learn more about our puppy training school in Perth’s Northern Suburbs, call Cecile on 0435 018 083 or contact us today.

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